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lyd utstyr
About us

About us

Nordic Sounds is a company founded by the award-winning Norwegian composer and music producer Knut Avenstroup Haugen. 


With more than 25 years of experience, we are deeply dedicated to our art. Our mission is to create the highest quality music and sound for video games, film and television.


Our professionals have provided music and sound for Disney, EA Games, Tencent Games, Netflix, CI GamesBandai Namco, EidosTHQ Nordic, Viaplay, Amazon, Deep Silver, FuncomHexworks, DICE, Embark and Deck13 among others.


Every story is unique, so similar to the arctic fox of our logo, whose fur changes color with the seasons,  we understand the value of being able to adapt. 

With a tailored music team assembled to meet the specific needs of each unique project and a firmly established sound department, our aim is to craft an iconic and memorable soundtrack that will fit your story perfectly.

Our leading team

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